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You’ll need…

For communion: a favorite party food (candy, cookies, chips) and juice

For the craft: green paper (or white paper and green crayons/markers), scissors, popsicle sticks (or old take-out chopsticks), scotch tape

For the follow-up activity: clothes/towels, “palm branches” (see craft), hobby horse (or other small, indoor, rideable toy), loveys and dolls, instruments

Start by watching our opening video, which gives a basic explanation of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, and culminates in the celebration of communion: Opening Worship 5 April 2020

If you are the parents of a Little Angel (children ages 2-3), please watch the worship video for the week: Little Angel Worship 5 April 2020.  You can then decide how many more of these proposed activities your little person has the bandwidth for

For parents of children 4 and older: once you’ve finished the opening worship video, make your palm branches: Hand-print palm branches

Then watch the story video:

Cherubs (children 6 and under): Hosanna!

Archangels (children 7 and older): Matthew 21:1-11

After listening to the story, act it out! 

            .Use your towels/clothes to lay out a path on the ground

            .Have someone pretend to be Jesus, and parade over the path

            .Have everyone else wave their palm branches and shout, “Hosanna!”

It’s a big celebration! Turn on the worship song (Hosanna Rock!), and have a dance party/parade through your home. Play some instruments as you go (noisemakers, toy xylophones, kazoos, etc.).  Go ahead and get dolls and stuffed loveys into the action- see how long of a parade you can make through your house.  It was a big celebration when Jesus rode into Jerusalem!