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OpeningWorship 28 June 2020

Worship Song: Chris, Angela, Sally, and Joe singing “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy!”

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

LittleAngels Worship video 28 June 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

This week, we are talking about welcome: what makes us feel welcome, and how we can welcome others, wherever we are.   This week’s storytime features the book Love Is, which is about a little girl who welcomes an unexpected guest into her home and her heart: Storytime 28 June2020

(Psss, if you're looking for this week's puppet video, it's listed above under "ALL CHILDREN")

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Our scripture this week comes from the book of Matthew; I invite you to watch this video from the Bible Project with your child to learn more about this gospel: TheBook of Matthew 1-13

Here are the links to the specific text we are studying this week, which you can read with your child:

Link to scripture in English: Matthew 10:40-42

Link to scripture in French: Matthieu 10:40-42

And here are some follow-up questions to keep the conversation going:

• Why do you think Jesus taught his disciples about welcoming all people?

• How many people can fit in God’s kingdom?

• How do you welcome people into your home? How would you welcome Jesus?

• What are the four gospels? Which one appears first in the New Testament?

Finally, our crafts this week are designed to help your child consider how they can use their gifts and talents to make other people feel welcome:

Sidewalk Welcome

Supplies: Sidewalk chalk

Go outside to write a message that lets people know that they’re loved. Jesus wants us to welcome all people to be part of God’s kingdom.

If kids want to do sidewalk stained glass like I did for our opening worship video, here’s more specific instructions: Sidewalk Stained Glass

Welcome Sign

Supplies: White paper, glue, scissors, markers, glitter glue, stickers, craft sticks

Give kids an opportunity to bring the welcome home. Make a Welcome sign for your door at home that will make everyone smile and know they are truly welcome when they knock. Encourage kids to use a variety of art supplies and make it as colorful, cheerful, and friendly as they can.




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