Please start by watching our Group Worship video: https://vimeo.com/399504857/e7e95bee53

You can follow up by singing along to the song "I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACoBT0TwaTE

LITTLE ANGELS (Children ages 2-3)

Our Little Angels teacher Miss Sara has recorded the following video for our littlest ones: https://vimeo.com/398591056/89e2238436

CHERUBS (Children 4-6)

Please watch this bible lesson video with your children: https://vimeo.com/398596881/8300a18b42

You can follow up with this video, which is an object lesson related to today’s bible story: https://vimeo.com/398598729/e9a7402097

ARCHANGELS (Children 7-11)

Please watch the bible lesson video with your children: https://vimeo.com/399140087/21f27a2be4

To keep the conversation about the scripture going, here are this week’s follow-up questions:

• Why did Samuel think that the first son was probably who God wanted?

• Why did God say that Eliab wasn’t who God was looking for?

• How do you look past someone’s outward appearance to get to know who they are inside?

• How did David almost miss out on being considered?

• What about your inside self would make you a good ruler?

GAME: Who’s the King?

Supplies: deck of playing cards

Choose someone to be Samuel. Show everyone the king of hearts card so that kids know which one it is. Return that card to the deck. Pass a card to everyone except for Samuel, making sure to include the king of hearts. Don’t tell what your card is. The king of hearts is David. Say this rhyme together:

Everybody, shout and sing. We want a new king! God will look into our hearts to see who is the king.

Samuel is going to point to someone and ask if they are king. That person shows their card. If it’s not David, Samuel keeps guessing. When David is found, give a group cheer. Choose another Samuel, redistribute the cards, and play again. We have to guess who has the king card, but God didn’t have to guess. God looked into David’s heart and knew he would be king.

Alternative, if you have a small family: Include dolls or lovies in the game, and pass cards out to them, too.  Then ask your child(ren) to guess which of their dolls/lovies has been chosen as king.  Keep guessing until you find the new king!

CRAFT: When Choosing, God Sees the Heart

Supplies needed: print-out, oil, sponge, hole-punch and ribbon (optional), crayons

Here is a link to this week’s craft: https://www.jesus-without-language.net/david-anointed-1-samuel-16-make/





15/03/2020 Childrens Worship

Older Children

Parents of older children are encouraged to engage them in further conversation about the scripture.  Here are suggested follow-up questions for their use:

• What kind of water did Jesus say that he could give the woman?  What do you think “Living Water” means?

• How might it feel to realize Jesus knows you, even though he has never met you?

• Who offers you unconditional love and acceptance?


And this is the craft that was suggested for this week: Origami Paper Cup. 



Below is our Children’s Worship program for this Sunday, March 29th.  This week we are basing our lessons and worship time on the story of Jesus raising Lazarus (John 11:1-45). 

To access all Children's Worship materials, please contact Pastor Allison at childrensworship@acparis.org


Please begin by watching our Opening Worship video: Opening Worship 29 March 2020

Then sing along to our worship song for today: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 29 March 2020

Here is the link to the video referenced in the lesson: God Made People

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

You can start by watching our bible lesson here: Bible Lesson 6 and under- 29 March 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by grabbing a writing utensil and a piece of paper and watching this bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older- 29 March 2020

Warning: this week, the story and the lesson both run a bit on the long side (about 20 minutes).  Thanks for sticking with me!

If you’d like to keep the conversation going, here are some recommended follow-up questions:

• How were Mary, Martha, and Lazarus connected to Jesus?

• What was Mary’s reaction when she saw Jesus?

• What was Jesus’ reaction when he learned Lazarus was dead?

• How would you react if you saw Lazarus walk out, alive again?

• What is hard to understand about this story?

After you've gone through the bible lesson, finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME: Going to the Tomb

Supplies: chairs, blankets, step stools, linens, whatever else you can grab to make a cool obstacle course!

When Jesus heard that his good friend Lazarus was very sick, he was really far away and had to take a long journey to get there.  Make an obstacle course in your home- using furniture, steps stools, sheets, whatever else you can think of- and have one child be Lazarus first, while the other child is Jesus and must get through the obstacle course quickly to reach him or her.  Have your kids switch up and take turns playing the different parts.

CRAFT (referenced in “Opening Worship” video): Chained Together!

Supplies: paper, scissors, glue, something to write with

Cut strips of paper, and write the names of people in your life that you miss seeing (make sure to write your own name!).  Then make a paper chain.  Hang this chain up to remind you that we’re still connected, even when we’re apart.




You’ll need…

For communion: a favorite party food (candy, cookies, chips) and juice

For the craft: green paper (or white paper and green crayons/markers), scissors, popsicle sticks (or old take-out chopsticks), scotch tape

For the follow-up activity: clothes/towels, “palm branches” (see craft), hobby horse (or other small, indoor, rideable toy), loveys and dolls, instruments

Start by watching our opening video, which gives a basic explanation of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, and culminates in the celebration of communion: Opening Worship 5 April 2020

If you are the parents of a Little Angel (children ages 2-3), please watch the worship video for the week: Little Angel Worship 5 April 2020.  You can then decide how many more of these proposed activities your little person has the bandwidth for

For parents of children 4 and older: once you’ve finished the opening worship video, make your palm branches: Hand-print palm branches

Then watch the story video:

Cherubs (children 6 and under): Hosanna!

Archangels (children 7 and older): Matthew 21:1-11

After listening to the story, act it out! 

            .Use your towels/clothes to lay out a path on the ground

            .Have someone pretend to be Jesus, and parade over the path

            .Have everyone else wave their palm branches and shout, “Hosanna!”

It’s a big celebration! Turn on the worship song (Hosanna Rock!), and have a dance party/parade through your home. Play some instruments as you go (noisemakers, toy xylophones, kazoos, etc.).  Go ahead and get dolls and stuffed loveys into the action- see how long of a parade you can make through your house.  It was a big celebration when Jesus rode into Jerusalem!




Begin by doing this activity: “Empty tomb”

Supplies: “worry” papers, red marker or other brightly colored sharpie

If you managed to keep your “worry jar” from Good Friday in your cave, make sure you’ve removed all of the slips of paper from the jar.  Don’t get rid of the “worry” papers- instead, lay them out, face down, with the blank sides up, next to the jar. (Try to do this the night before, after the kids go to bed).

On Sunday morning, go with your children your “Good Friday cave,” and look in your jar of worries.  The jar is empty!  The worries are still there, but Jesus can make new life out of our worries and sadness! Save the slips of paper for the second part of this activity, which you’ll do after you watch the worship video.

If you didn’t do the “worry jar” activity on Good Friday, you can take a few minutes now for each member of your family to name a few things that make them feel sad or worried, and write them down on slips of paper.

Now watch the opening worship video: Worship 12 April 2020 Easter Sunday

Supplies: juice, cups, crackers/cookies/bread (communion supplies)

Follow up opening worship by completing the second part of the “Empty Tomb” activity referenced in the worship video. Using a strong, brightly colored marker (like a red sharpie), write “Jesus is alive!” on the back of your “worry” papers.  The new writing should bleed through to the other side, reminding us that the fact that Jesus is alive changes everything, even our worries and sadness!

Finish worship time by listening to some praise music! 

Here is our own rendition of what I traditionally sing with the kids on Easter Sunday (which typically requires a large group, so please forgive the creative measures taken): Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah!  

And here is another classic that I recommend gettin’ your praise on to: Lord I Lift Your Name onHigh

Now move onto today’s bible lesson…


Little Angels (children ages 2-3):  Little Angels Bible Lesson 12 April 2020

Cherubs (children ages 6 and under): Bible Lesson 6 and under 12 April 2020


Archangels (children 7 and older): Bible Lesson 7 and older 12 April 2020

To keep the conversation going, moms and dads, here are some suggested follow-up questions you can ask:

• What surprised you most about this telling of the Easter story?

• How did moving and acting out the story change your understanding of it?

• I wonder why angels deliver the good news in both the Easter and Christmas stories.

• How are the women in this story important?

• If you were the first person at Jesus’ empty tomb, who would you run to so you could tell the story?


Choose from one or more of the below supplemental activities to enjoy with your family:


Holy Week Egg Hunt


Supplies: A palm leaf, Perfume, Bread, Silver coin(s), A grapevine wreath or large, thorn, Dice, A cross, Nail(s), Vinegar, A rock, Spice, Sheets or linens, plastic eggs, paper [Note: If you don’t have each of these items, you can draw or print off pictures of these items instead.  Put these out on your kitchen table or other central location].

This is a review of the Easter story, using an “egg hunt” through your home.   On Saturday night, print off the bible verse clues (found at the link above), place each one in a plastic egg*, and hide them around your apartment.

*If you don’t have plastic eggs, print off the bible verses, fold them up, and draw a little Easter egg on the back side using markers or crayons.

On Easter morning, gather the different items that correspond to different parts of the Holy Week and Easter story (palm branch, dice, bread, etc.). 

Then ask your kids to hunt through the house for all of their “egg” clues.  Bring them back to your table, and work together to match the egg bible clues to the items you’ve gathered.

The Road to Easter


A simpler Holy Week review, using only the game sheets that can be found at the link, and a bible.

COOKING: Resurrection rolls


Supplies: sugar, cinnamon, 1 bag large marshmallows, butter, 1 egg, bread flour, salt

To make these rolls, you wrap marshmallows up in bread dough.  But surprise: when you take the rolls out of the over, the rolls are empty, just like the tomb on Easter Sunday!


For younger children:

Where is Jesus?


Supplies needed: paper, water colors, crayons/pastels

Fingerprint Cross


Supplies: paper (printed cross, or hand-drawn template), acrylic craft paint

For older kids:

Paper plate and yarn cross


Supplies: cross template (on website listed above), paper plate, craft paint, yarn, pencil, scissors, craft knife, tape, hole punch, paint brush

Tie-dyed crosses


Supplies: white paper towels, vinegar, food coloring/egg dye, scissors




You’ll need…

For the cave: blankets, chairs, cushions, other furniture, flashlight, jar or bowl, pen or pencil, and slips of paper

For the follow-up activity: 8 paper plates, scissors, glue, “Jesus’ journey to the cross” print-out (optional), markers and crayons

First, make a cave.

On Good Friday, we “go to the tomb” with Jesus.  This means that we take time to remember the terrible things that Jesus went through for us. 

Try to choose an area in your house that you could leave relatively undisturbed between now and Easter (you’ll see why later).  Build a fort with your kids so that you can block out the distractions in your apartment (toys, phones, messes) and just focus on one another and on the story.  Consider keeping the lights as low as little ones feel comfortable doing.

Then listen to the Good Friday story (story bible, or scripture, depending on the ages of your children):

Children 6 and under: “WhenJesus Died”

Children 7 and older: Matthew27:27-66

(You could also take turns as a family reading the scripture together)

Once you’ve listened to the story, ask your children what they’re feeling sad or worried about.  It could be something in the story, or it could be something that they’re feeling in their own lives.  Write down their worries and place them in the jar.

Pray together as a family. 

Then finish by listening to the song: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (sending later this week)

You may wish to finish by completing this follow-up activity: Steps to the Cross (reviewing the Holy Week journey):

Ask your children to cut out the eight “steps” of Jesus’ journey to Holy week (the document "Jesus' journey to the cross," attached to the email), and glue each one to a paper plate.  Each paper plate will become a “stepping stone” on Jesus’ journey to the cross. Lay them out in order, leading into the cave space where you listened to the Good Friday story. 

Leave the jar or bowl with your worries in the cave space over the weekend.  Then on Easter Sunday, you can remove the worries- Jesus has seen our problems, but Jesus is bigger and more powerful than our sadness and worries!




As a family, make a loaf of bread together.  Use your own favorite recipe, or try one of the simple ones below:

Overnight Bread (ingredients: all-purpose flour, salt, dry yeast, warm water)

 Irish Soda Bread (ingredients: flour, baking soda, salt, buttermilk [which can be made by adding lemon juice to regular milk and letting it sit for a ½ hour])

Or make this matzo, a Jewish flatbread eaten as a part of the Passover feast (which is the meal that Jesus was sharing with his friends at the Last Supper):

Matzo (ingredients: flour, water)

Now, listen to the story:

        For children 6 and under: Bread andWine With Jesus

        For children 7 and older: Matthew 26:14-29

        (You can also skip the video and read the scripture out loud as a family)

 Then gather everything you’ll need to commemorate the Last Supper together: home-made bread (or crackers or other bread, if you chose not to bake), juice, cups, table cloth, table decorations.

Set the table: place plates, cups, and napkins at each person’s place.  Make the table look nice: add decorations like candles, or special drawings.  Set the juice and the bread on the table, but don’t eat or drink yet.

Sit down at the table, and ask each family member to share one thing that they are thankful to God for.

Now watch the video with the communion blessing: Maundy Thursday Communion Blessing 

When that has finished, serve one another communion.  You can do this one of several ways: have the kids serve the adults and the adults serve the kids, or you could have each person serve the person to their right.

To serve communion: the server offers the receiver a piece of bread and says, “The body of Christ, given for you.”  Then the server pours the receiver a small glass of juice and says, “The blood of Christ, poured out for you.”

Enjoy your meal together.

Finish by listening to one (or several) of these communion songs:

“Kumbaya,” The Seekers

“Let Us Break Bread Together,”Blind Boys of Alabama

If you want to take this opportunity to learn more about the practice and meaning of communion, you can watch the slideshow (attached to this email) Eucharist 101.



Thursdays 18h

In keeping with our Lenten intention to host weekly Taizé services, we will be creating recorded services for you spiritual edification.


#ACPnotcancelled-Taize Worship in the Catacombs

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 Our scheduled Thursday Taize worship is taking on a virtual form that invites you to join us each Thursday, for prayer, meditation, scripture reading and song. A pdf file is provided online for you to participate in the liturgy.
Your worship leaders are Pastors Scott, Jodi and Doug, as well as, Natalie Raynal, and Grant Mongin.




Please begin by watching our Opening Worship video: Opening Worship 19 April 2020

Then sing along to our worship song for today: I’ve Got Peace Like a River

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 19 April 2020

Here is a link to directions for the craft that Sara mentions in the video: FROG craft

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

You can watch our bible lesson here: Bible Lesson 6 and younger 19 April 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by watching this bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 19 April 2020

If you’d like to keep the conversation going, here are some recommended follow-up questions to ask your child(ren):

• What stood out to you about Thomas?

• What did Thomas want to see before he would believe Jesus was alive?

• Who in this story believed without having seen Jesus in person?

• In what ways does Thomas remind you of yourself?

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME: Gratitude Guessing

Supplies: None

An important way that we grow peace inside ourselves (and in our relationships, and therefore in the world!) is by practicing gratitude.  Play a variation on the game “I Spy” (for those unfamiliar with this game, here is a rundown of the rules How to Play "I Spy").  But whoever is doing the “spying” must choose something that they can see that they feel grateful for.  So an example might be, “I spy with my little eye something…green!,” and I could be talking about my new box of legos.  Or, the leaves on the beautiful tree outside that keep our home shady and cool!

CRAFT OPTION 1: Holy Spirit Art

Supplies: paint, straws, tarp/other floor covering, large piece of paper

When Jesus appeared to the disciples, he breathed on them and gave them God’s Holy Spirit. Cover the floor with the tarp, and give each kid a straw to create a work of collaborative breath art. Squirt multiple spots of paint on the edge of a large sheet of paper you put on the tarp, and ask kids to blow the paint around through their straws to make a Holy Spirit-filled design. Make sure no one inhales!

CRAFT OPTION 2: Peace Plates

Supplies: white paper plate, masking tape, paint



Here are Pastor Scott and his son, Matthew, serenading us for this week’s episode of “Family Fun Friday”: Family Fun Friday 19 April 2020

May the Holy Spirit bring you the peace of the Lord, now and always.




Please begin by watching our Opening Worship video: Opening Worship 26 April 2020

Then sing along to our worship song for today: We Are Marching in the Light of God

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 26 April 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

To view this week's bible story for young children, please contact Allison Wheeler at childrensworship@acparis.org

Then catch up with our puppet friends Chris and Angela, and some of their animal companions, as they play a guessing game that follows up today’s bible story: Can You Guess?

Finally, finish with a prayer: Blessing for 6 and under 26 April 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by watching this bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 26 April 2020

“They’re eyes were kept from recognizing him.”  Sometimes, our eyes don’t give us the whole story of what’s really in front of us!  Here’s a demonstration using an optical illusion that further explores this idea: Fun With Optical Illusions

And if you want to try some optical illusions at home, here are some easy-to-do options (including instructions on how to do the trick in the video above): DIY Optical Illusions

Here is a link to the song mentioned in the video: They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME: Guessing Game!

The two disciples saw Jesus, but weren’t able to recognize him.  They needed a clue- Jesus breaking the bread- to realize who had been walking with them all along!

Choose a guessing game to play with your family, where you need to use clues to discover the answer.  Here are some recommendations (links to rules if you are unfamiliar):

I Spy


20 Questions

CRAFT: Walk With Jesus

Supplies: scrapbook paper, construction paper or cardstock, pipe cleaner, scissors, glue, hole punch, marker

Instructions: Through My I's




As we’ll be celebrating communion today, please be sure to gather something to drink and something to eat before beginning.

Please begin by watching our Opening Worship video: Worship 3 May 2020

Then listen to our worship song for today, a beautiful a capella rendition of Psalm 23: Psalm 23

Next, to help your children better understand the central imagery of Psalm 23 ("The Lord is my shepherd"), you may wish to watch one or more of the following videos:

In this video, a shepherd working in Paris talks about her flock (French audio, English subtitles): Urban Shepherds in Paris

And here’s a shepherd who tends a flock in the UK (English audio): A Day With the Tweeting Shepherd

And here’s one more of a shepherd telling us about how he uses his sheep dog to help him do his job: Can You Be a Shepherd?

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 3 May 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

To view this week's bible story for young children, please contact Pastor Allison at childrensworship@acparis.org to access the link.

Next, Chris needs your help!  He’s been left in charge of caring for some of his friends, but he needs help from some caring, loving people who know what to do: Helping Hands

Finally, finish with a prayer of blessing: Blessing for 6 and under 3 May 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by watching the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 3 May 2020

For many (but not all) of our kids, what we are living through is the most challenging situation that they have ever experienced.  Today, I suggest that kids learn more about what it takes to get through tough times by talking to someone older than them- a parent, grandparent, or other family friend- who has lived through a difficult time, and ask what it was that got them through.  What better way to learn about resilience than from the people they love!

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME 1: Shepherd Says

Supplies: None

Sheep know and follow their shepherd. Play a game of “Shepherd Says” where players have to follow exactly what the leader tells them to do, as long as he or she says “Shepherd says” first. If the leader tells players to do something but doesn’t say “Shepherd says” first and the player does what the leader says, then they are out. For example: if the leader says, “Shepherd says, baa like a sheep,” then everyone should baa like a sheep. If the leader says, “Eat grass,” then nobody should pretend to eat grass because the leader didn’t say “Shepherd says” first. Play as long as time allows, and then conclude: Jesus is our shepherd and we can follow him every day.

GAME 2: Be a Good Shepherd

Supplies: painter’s tape, cotton balls, straws

Mark a line on the table with painter’s tape. Say, “Shepherds use their staffs to protect their sheep. Let’s see if you can get all your sheep to safety.”

Give each kid three cotton balls and a straw. The cotton balls are the sheep and the straws are the shepherd staffs. Blow through the straw to move the “sheep.” Demonstrate blowing through the straw to move a cotton ball. Have the kids move their sheep from one end of the table across the line to safety on the other side. Play again with more sheep.

CRAFT: Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Supplies: Print-out (found at link), scissors, crayons/markers

Instructions: Ministry to Children


10 MAY


This week, I highly recommend that all children start with our craft, which is a “Living Stones Collage.”

You will need: plain paper, scissors, crayons/markers, glue or tape

Have your child cut a piece of paper into small squares (roughly 3cm x 3cm).  Then, ask them to draw pictures of themselves, their family, and friends from church in the squares.  Make sure that one of the squares represents Jesus. These will become the “bricks” of the “spiritual house” we’re building. Then, making sure that Jesus is the cornerstone, glue the “bricks” onto a piece of paper in the shape of a building.  Then draw a building around it.  Together, we’re the living stones of God’s house!

By doing this activity first, you'll get to “do church” surrounded by this visual reminder of your church family!

Next, please watch our Opening Worship video: Worship 10 May 2020

Then sing (and dance!) along to our worship song for today:  Every Move I Make

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 10 May 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

Please begin by watching our Bible story for this week here: God’s Own People

Next, our puppet friends Chris and Angela have a special message that they want to share with you in our bible lesson: BibleLesson 6 and under 10 May 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by watching the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 10 May 2020

If you want to keep the conversation going, you could consider leading with these follow-up questions:

• What is the most interesting word from this passage for you?

• Who reminds you that you are important to God?

• Who helps you grow in faith? How are they like a building stone in your life?

• Peter said we are like living stones. What do you think that means?

• If you could ask Peter one question about this passage, what would it be?

Today we talk about what it means to have Jesus as the “cornerstone” on which we build our own faith, and our faith community.  For fun, watch this video on the use of triangles in building stable structures (and maybe get some engineering juices flowing): Building with Triangles

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME: What can you build with…

Supplies: anything you can find that you have a large group of (examples: cupcake liners, toilet paper rolls, paper plates or cups, playing cards, etc.)

We’ve been talking about building a strong faith together. Offer your kids unusual building materials, and challenge them to build something with them.  Focus on laying a strong foundation: what happens if you take the bottom piece away?  Their structure won’t be as stable, and it might fall down.  Jesus has to be the foundation of our lives- as individuals and as a church family- too!


Sunday is American Mother’s Day, for those who celebrate.  This year, your little darlings will not be making you adorable offerings under the careful direction of their teachers.  That doesn’t mean that moms should go without!  There is no shame in having your kids do Mother’s Day crafts at home (and for the dads reading this email, I would highly recommend taking the lead in encouraging your kids to do so).  And moms: if it feels weird to ask your kids to make crafts in your honor, please note that if we were gathered together in the church house like we normally would be, I would ABSOLUTELY be having the kids make cards and crafts to celebrate the amazing women who nurture and raise them.  So if you need it, consider these marching orders to your kiddos from Pastor Allison!

Suggested for Little Angels (children 2-3):

“You Are My Sunshine”Handprint craft 

Supplies: print-out (found at link), yellow paint

Suggested for Cherubs (children 6 and younger):

“All About Mommy”Questionnaire 

(print-out found at link)

Suggested for Archangels (children 7 and older):

Paper Tulips

Supplies: tulip flower pattern, green paper straws, construction paper, hole punch, scissors, glue stick


17 MAY


Get started by watching our Opening Worship video: Worship 17 May 2020

Then listen and sing along to one (or both!) of our worship songs for today: 

“Jesus in the Morning”

“Build Your KingdomHere”

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 17 May 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

To watch this week's bible story, please contact Allison Wheeler at childrensworship@acparis.org 

Next, check in with our friend Angela as she figures out how to deal with feeling lonely: Never Alone!

God doesn't want us to be alone; he wants us to lean on Him, on God's Holy Spirit, and on our loved ones when we feel alone: Lean On Me 

Finally, finish up with a prayer of blessing: Blessing 6 and under 17 May 2020 

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by watching the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 17 May 2020

Our advocate, the Holy Spirit, leads us to advocate for others—especially the “least of these.”

Here’s a short video about community advocacy: What is Advocacy?

And here’s a video explaining more about how to become an activist about an issue you care about: ThePower of Advocacy

And if you want to keep the conversation going, you could consider leading with these follow-up questions:

• When have you hoped you wouldn’t be left alone?

• What might the disciples have wondered about when Jesus talked about going away?

• What sounds comforting to you in this story?

• We can’t actually see the Holy Spirit. What other things do you know about but can’t see?

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME: Coming Back

Supplies: ball

Let’s play a game to help us remember Jesus’ promise that the Holy Spirit would come to the disciples after he left. Invite players to sit in a semicircle. Assign one player to be the ball roller. The ball roller sits facing the semicircle. Have the ball roller roll the ball to anyone in the semicircle. Whoever receives the ball rolls it back. Repeat several times, with the ball roller rolling to a different kid each time. The ball always comes back no matter where it goes! Jesus had to leave. That reminds us of the ball rolling away. But God sent the Holy Spirit to help everyone. The ball always coming back to us reminds us of the Holy Spirit always coming to us. Invite the ball roller to close their eyes when they roll the ball away, and open them when the ball is rolled back. We can’t see the Holy Spirit, but we can feel the Holy Spirit. Give each kid a chance to be the ball roller.


Love drawing

Supplies: paper and crayons

Invite kids to use crayons and white paper to draw a picture of someone they love. Jesus loved his disciples. The disciples loved Jesus because he showed them God’s love. Ask your child, who are you drawing? What do you love about them?

Encouragement card

Supplies: paper, crayons, markers

God knows it’s important for us to never be alone.  Who is someone you know that might be feeling lonely? An older neighbor?  A friend who’s having a hard time?  Make and send them a card to let them know that you’re thinking of them, and to remind them that God loves them very much.


24 MAY


Get started by watching our Opening Worship video: Worship 24 May 2020

Then listen and sing along to one (or both!) of our worship songs for today: 

Here I am to Worship

El cieolo canta alegria!

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 24 May 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

To view this week's bible story, please contact Allison Wheeler at childrensworship@acparis.org 

Next, join Chris and Angela as they go on a “Scavenger Hunt” for Jesus!:  ScavengerHunt!

Finally, finish up with a prayer of blessing: Blessing 6 and under 24 May 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please start by watching the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 24 May 2020

Then, encourage your kids to work alone or together on their creative project:


How would you tell the story of Jesus?  How would you be His witness?

This week’s challenge: pick one (or more!) of your favorite bible stories.  Then find a creative way to retell it.  Suggestions include:

-stop-motion animation

-short story format

-comic book (see email attachments for blank comic pages)

-puppet show

-acting it out with costumes and props

Get mom or dad to photograph or film your project and send it to me, I would love to see what you come up with!

Here are some examples to help get your creativity flowing:

Stop-motion lego retelling of the Healing of the Paralytic: Lego Bible

And here’s a Puppet version of the story of Jonah: The Story of Jonah and the Whale

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…


Ascension Toss

Supplies: blanket or towel, beach ball or other light ball

Invite kids to sit or stand around the bed sheet or towel. (The ball will go higher if kids are standing. Choose to sit or stand depending on your ceiling height and location of light fixtures.) Toss the beach ball in the middle. Let’s work together to make the beach ball bounce. Toss the beach ball for a few minutes.

When Jesus was on the mountain, he told the disciples to tell others about him. If you wanted someone to know about Jesus, what would you tell them?

Take turns bouncing the ball and sharing something about Jesus. It can be something he did or a word that describes him. Give an example: “Jesus was born in a stable.”  Then bounce the ball. Have other ideas ready to prompt: Jesus loves everyone. Jesus wore sandals. Jesus died on a cross. There are so many amazing stories to tell about Jesus. Jesus wants us to share them!

Blowing bubbles! 

Supplies: bubbles

Blow bubbles with your kids- the bubbles go up in the air, just like Jesus in our story today!  Our bubbles come back down, but Jesus stayed up in heaven.

CRAFT: Jesus Ascending 

Supplies: instructions and template, disposable cup, cotton, string/yarn, scissors, tape, crayons, glue 


31 MAY


To start getting into the Pentecost spirit, challenge your kids to find and gather at least five red items from around your house and bring them to your family worship space.

Next, watch some of our wonderful CW teachers reading our bible verse today- Acts 2:4- in a wonderful variety of languages: Pentecost Readings

Then watch our Opening Worship video: Worship 31 May 2020

Next, listen and sing along to our worship song for today: You Gotta Sing When the Spirit Says Sing

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video for our youngest disciples from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 31 May 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

To view this week's bible story, please contact Allison Wheeler at childrensworship@acparis.org

Next, join Angela, Chris, and their animal friends as they get ready to celebrate a very special birthday: Birthday Party! 

Finally, finish up with a prayer of blessing: Blessing 6 and under 31 May 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please watch the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 31 May 2020

If you’d like to keep the conversation going, I suggest using the posted follow-up questions to get you started:

• What did you find surprising in this story?

• What languages have you heard spoken out loud?

• What gave the disciples the ability to speak in languages they didn’t know?

• Why is it important that God’s power was being talked about in so many languages?

• Where can you talk about God?

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…


Supplies: musical instruments; anything that can be used to make noise

Pass out rhythm sticks. Show kids a signal for silence. Start by having kids play all at once and experiment with different sounds. Give kids the silence signal. When the Holy Spirit helped the disciples share Jesus’ story, it sounded loud, like when we play at the same time. It was hard to hear because everyone was talking.

Clap or play a simple four- or eight-beat rhythm. Do what I do. Take turns sharing rhythm patterns. When we all play the same pattern together, it sounds like music. When the disciples all talked at once, the Holy Spirit made sure everyone understood the stories they were telling about Jesus.


Holy Spirit Pinwheel Craft

Instructions here

Supplies: thick square piece of paper, thumb tack, pencil (with eraser), crayons/stickers, etc. (for decorating pinwheel)

Origami dove

The dove is another symbol of the Holy Spirit.  Instruction video here

Supplies: square piece of paper

Jesus came for all people!

Supplies: magazines, glue, scissors, paper

Write the words “Jesus came for all people!” across the top of a large piece of mural paper. Invite kids to cut out pictures of people from the magazines and use glue sticks to attach the pictures to the mural paper. Post the collage in the room when kids have finished. Jesus came for all people!

COOKING: Red Velvet Cake

Ingredients: all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, unsalted butter, vegetable oil, eggs, red food coloring, buttermilk (or milk with lemon juice added), white vinegar, cream cheese

In honor of Pentecost’s signature color, bake a red velvet cake (or cupcakes).  Serve as a “birthday cake” in honor of the birthday of the church!

Recipe here

Alternatively, gather your favorite red foods- red peppers, strawberries, red m&m’s, apples- and make a Pentecost feast!




Today, we will be celebrating communion, so make sure you grab something to eat and something to drink before starting.  I celebrated communion outside this week, so if you have the space, you may wish to go outside for a “communion picnic”!

Get started by watching our Opening Worship video: Worship 7 June 2020

Then listen and sing along to our worship song for today: Doxology 

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 7 June 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

For this week's bible story, please contact Allison Wheeler at childrensworship@acparis.org

Next, join Chris as he sets off to share God’s love with people all over the world: Chris’ Big Adventure!

Finally, finish up with a prayer of blessing: Blessing 6 and under 7 June 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please watch the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 7 June 2020 

To learn more about people around the world who have taken the love and stories of Jesus to “all nations,” take this opportunity to learn more about missions around the world that our church family supports through time, talents, and gifts:

Rafiki Foundation


“Rafiki’s strategy is to equip Africans to cultivate a multitude of godly contributors by: caring for and educating orphans, providing Bible study and Classical Christian education to the African church, giving help to widows, and equipping thousands of church schools with high quality education and well trained teachers.”

Deep Griha

“All of Deep Griha Society's programs and initiatives focus on creating sustainable changes with long-lasting positive effects on communities. Deep Griha's work encompasses three broad areas: child development, health, and the social and economic status of women.”

Habitat for Humanity


“We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Housing poverty around the world is so widespread, that we need to engage in many ways to solve housing problems. Together with our partners and volunteers, we provide new housing solutions and opportunities for people in need of decent shelter.”

Thank God for these faithful, loving servants of the Lord! By supporting these missions, we can obey Jesus’ command to take his message to “all nations” from right where we are.

Then finish up with an activity of your choice…

GAME: “Go and Tell” Obstacle Course

Supplies: Clear tape, markers, large piece of mural paper, chairs, game cones, fabric, random, objects for obstacle course

Set up the obstacle course and tape a large piece of mural paper to the wall. Place markers on the floor near the mural paper. Jesus wants all of us to tell the world about him! Sometimes it’s easy, and other times it’s hard. 

Today we’re going to move through an obstacle course. The goal is to make it to the other end of the room and draw a cross on the mural paper before the next person goes. Once you make it through the course, your job is to encourage the other kids until everyone has done it. Spreading God’s word isn’t a race, and we all need help sometimes.

CRAFT: Holy Trinity Mobile

Supplies: card stock, paper plate, yarn or string, hole punch, scissors, crayons or markers, glue/tape

COOKING: Trail Mix

Supplies: Large bowl, trail mix ingredients (raisins, chocolate chips, marshmallows, dry cereal, fish crackers, etc.), spoon

If you’re going to be on the road bringing God’s good news to all nations, you’d definitely get hungry! Make a simple trail mix for the journey. Have kids put the ingredients into a large bowl. Mix the ingredients and give each kid some of the treat.




Get started by watching our Opening Worship video: Worship 14 June 2020

Next, sing along with our puppet friends Angela and Chris (along with some special guests!) as they sing our worship song for today: This Little Light of Mine

Then move onto the bible lesson and activities for your child’s age group….

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Here is our bible lesson video from Miss Sara: Little Angels Lesson 14 June 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

To view this week's bible story, please contact Allison Wheeler at childrensworship@acparis.org

If you missed Chris and Angela’s rendition of “This Little Light of Mine,” be sure to watch it now: This Little Light of Mine

Finally, finish up with a prayer of blessing: Blessing 6 and under 14 June 2020

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

Please grab a bible, and watch and discuss the bible lesson video: Bible Lesson 7 and older 14 June 2020

Finally, please close with an activity of your choice:

GAME: Hope Beanbag Toss

Supplies: Markers, paper plates (4), beanbags, masking or painter’s tape

When we have Jesus, we always have hope! On each of the four paper plates write one letter of the word HOPE. Give kids beanbags, and have them stand behind a line of tape a few feet away from the letter plates. Kids take turns tossing four beanbags, trying to get a beanbag to land on each of the plates. If someone misses, be encouraging and offer hope. Everyone wins in this game, no matter how many beanbags land on letters.

CRAFT: Rainbow mosaic

Supplies: 7 pieces of white A4 paper, colored paint, paintbrushes, scissors, large piece of paper (for gluing the mosaic onto), and glue

A rainbow is a symbol of the hope of God’s promises.  Make a rainbow as a reminder of God’s promise to be with us always.



Children's Worship is going live!  To join our weekly virtual Story Time (for little ones) and Bible Lessons (for older children), please write to Allison Wheeler.


Opening Worship 21 June 2020

Worship Song: Chris and Angela- Amazing Grace!

LITTLE ANGELS (children ages 2-3)

Little Angels Worship video 21 June 2020

CHERUBS (children 6 and under)

For the link to this week's story, please contact Allison Wheeler.

ARCHANGELS (children 7 and older)

As we continue studying the book of Romans, watch this video from the Bible Project explaining more about the second half of Paul's most famous epistle:  Romans 5-16

Here are the links to the specific text we are studying this week, which you can read with your child:

Romans 6:1-11 (English)

Romans 6:1-11 (francais)

And here are some follow-up questions to keep the conversation going: 

• Paul cheered the Romans on in faith. Who cheers you on?
• How do you show others that you are a follower of Jesus?
• When is it hard to follow Jesus?
• What questions do you have about baptism and being made clean, fresh, and new?

Finally, this week for our craft, make a beautiful butterfly as a reminder that we are free in Jesus, like beautiful butterflies!

Paper origami butterfly

Coffee filter tie-dye butterfly

And if you haven't yet gotten something special together yet for dad, here is a list of Father's Day card suggestions (for dad, or for another special man in your little one's life):

Homemade Father's Day Card Ideas


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